About Runda

Jiangsu Runda PV Co., Ltd. is located in Yancheng, Jiangsu, an important coastal city in China. Our company adheres to the path of professional, large-scale and international development. Committed to building a world-class high-tech enterprise of solar PV modules. Designed to provide the world with green, environment-friendly and affordable clean energy.
Runda Solar was established in 2009, listed on the New Third Board since 2015 (stock code 832391). After 15 years of development, we now have not only 4GW of photovoltaic modules production capacity, but also 10GW of solar cells and 1GWH of ESS production line.
Runda Solar has 800 high-quality employees worldwide and has offices in Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, and warehouse in Rotterdam. The company adopts the most advanced N-type technology equipment. It has been committed to contributing renewable and clean energy to the world for a long time, becoming a leading enterprise in the industry.
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Quality Management

Runda Photovoltaic has been strictly controlling the quality of products to produce high-standard products. In order to achieve this high quality level, we have been continuously increasing investment in advanced equipment, providing professional training for employees, and establishing a professional testing laboratory to test various performances of products. We are very confident in the quality and reliability of our products.

Perfect quality control system

Yancheng Runda PV Co.,Ltd. and Jiangsu Sunfly Renewable Co., Ltd. have passed the international certification of quality management system (ISO 9001:2015), environmental management system (ISO 14001:2015) and occupational health and safety management system (ISO45001:2018).

Products have passed TÜV, SÜD, CQC, MCS, JET, LAPI, CTC, DEKRA, DEWA and other third-party testing and certification.

Raw material control

Strong Vendor Management Evaluation
Sampling each batch of materials
Storage environment with stable temperature and humidity
Supplier Quality Management
Incoming material quality assurance

Production Control

QA for 100+ items
100% 2 EL tests
A+A+A+ Solar Simulator
Process Quality Control
OBA unpacking inspection test


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  • Jiangsu Runda PV CO.,Ltd. was founded in August 2009.
  • Runda Solar Modules got TUV, UL and BSI certificates, and became a member of PV Cycle.
  • Runda solar was listed in J-PEC and CEC.
  • Runda got MCS. CHUBB provides third-party insurance for Runda Products.
  • Runda products passed PID test and identified as high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province.
  • 3 sets of automatic soldering machines and 1 set of temperature & humidity environment tester was increased.
  • Runda was listed in "New Third Board" (STOCK CODE 832391).
  • Runda moved the plant from Jiangyin City to Wuxi city. And Runda established the warehouse in Rotterdam.
  • Runda exported to European Countries Ranked in TOP 10 in domestic solar companies.
  • Runda expanded its business scope to emerging market like Africa and South America.
  • Runda increased 166 cell-modules equipment, and machines for bifacial series.
  • Yancheng base was established.
  • Solar Modules expanded to 3 GW.
  • The capacity exceeds 3GW
  • 10GW TOPCon Cells production line and 1GWH ESS production line begin construction
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    Social Responsibility

    Runda will adhere to the business philosophy of "benefiting thousands of families with light energy and reaching the world with integrity", and will continue to promote the construction of the company's industrial chain and create renewable green and clean energy by means of intelligence and digital intelligence, so as to repay the society, Return to shareholders and return to mankind. —— General Manager Yan Dong


    Runda Photovoltaic always adheres to the concept of green environmental protection and low carbon, strictly controls every step from product research and development, raw material procurement, to manufacturing and application, and is always committed to creating high-quality and reliable products. Renewable clean energy.


    As a professional solar photovoltaic module manufacturer, Runda Photovoltaic always firmly believes that technological innovation is the foundation of enhancing corporate competitiveness. Therefore, we will continue to devote ourselves to research and development of more efficient and environmentally friendly Solar photovoltaic modules, and strive to become the world's leading provider of solar energy solutions.

    Giving back

    Runda Photovoltaic has always adhered to the people-oriented business philosophy. Over the years, it has been committed to giving back to the society, giving full play to its own advantages, integrating resources, and bringing economic and environmental protection to the public. In the future, we will continue to engage in social charity and make due contributions to social development.